VIAC-logo-300x205Dr. Martin Svatoš, Ph.D. became arbitrator on the List of Practitioners in International Arbitration kept by the VIAC (Vienna International Arbitral Centre) that belongs among the most successful arbitration centres in Europe.

About VIAC:

Representing one of Europe’s leading arbitral institutions, the Vienna International Arbitral Centre (“VIAC”) serves as a focal point for the settlement of commercial disputes in the regional and international community. It has greatly benefited from its traditional position in a neutral country between east and west. Founded in 1975 as a department of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (“AFEC”), VIAC has in recent years enjoyed a steadily increasing caseload from a diverse range of parties spanning Europe, the Americas, and Asia. VIAC administers international cases involving at least one party with its place of business or normal residence outside of Austria or cases concerning disputes with an international character.

Visit the List of Practitioners in International Arbitration here.

The Dr. Svatos’ profile may be approached here.