Mediation trainings

Dr. Martin Svatos proposes highly practical courses that teach you both the basics and expert’s skills needed in mediation and disputes resolution. Houndreds of satisfied participants have already taken part in them.


Negotiating Dispute Settlement Agreements 
in Mediation, Arbitration & Litigation

An intensive training focussing on legal and extralegal aspects of negotiation. Learn how to negotiate within the arbitration procedure, how to be assertive and not to give up too easily, how to tackle the dirty tactics, how to profit from the cultural gaps and many more…


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 Mediace maláWebinar: The Biggest Mediation Secret

No matter whether you are an experienced mediator or a freshman in the dispute resolution field. Discover the biggest mediation secret that will help you better understand why mediation works… your life will never be the same after passing this webinar…

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INTRODUCTION TO MEDIATION_FotorIntroduction to Mediation

Complex training of basic mediation skills and abilities for future mediators. Discover the conflict anatomy, the basics of negotiation as well as the mediators’ toolbox…


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Conflict Free _Fotor

Conflict Free Business

An interactive seminar of effective conflict prevention in every-day business for managers, lawyers and dispute resolution professionals

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Mediation advocacyThe Mediation Advocacy

Training for the legal representatives within the mediation proceedings.

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