IMG_4120The first volume of the Summer School was organized by the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) this July. Dr. Martin Svatos, Ph.D. was invited to give a lecture on international commercial arbitration and ADR on this occasion. The students passed the written exam after 14 credit hours of lecturing.

The program took place between July 14th and 22nd, 2014. The SUFE, founded in 1917, is a finance- and economics-oriented research university located in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China. It has been top ranked as one of the leading university in China and in Asia in general.


IMG_0009Outline of the Course:

  1. Introduction to International Dispute Resolution
  2. Early Case Assessment
  3. Introduction to International Arbitration
  4. Arbitration Agreement
  5. Arbitration Procedure
  6. Enforcement and Setting Aside of an Award
  7. Mediation and other ADR
  8. Exam

Brief Annotation:

International Commercial Arbitration and ADR is a highly interactive course that will allow the students to understand the system of resolution of international commercial disputes through the two main out-of-court procedures: Arbitration and Mediation. This course will focus on international commercial arbitration and on mediation of international commercial disputes. The practical and interactive exercises will be used in order to help the students to handle the dispute resolution agenda.