From June to August 2014, the 2nd annual Prague Summer School on International Business Transactions has been taking place in Prague focussing on the most important legal fields of today, including dispute resolution, insolvency or mergers and acquisitions… The participants come mainly from China, but from the other countries as Australia too.


10458166_321255958030891_8776937499376011661_nOn Tuesday, the 8th of June 2014, Dr. Martin Svatoš, Ph.D. gave a lecture on basics of negotiation within the program of the Summer School. He addressed, of all issues, the specifics of negotiation when used as an ADR, the distinction between distributive and integrative negotiation styles or the cultural gaps as the cause of impasse in international bargaining.


The other lecturers of the Prague Summer School  are, among others, Rostislav Pekař (Squire Sanders), Matthew Hodgson (Allen & Overy) , Li Hu (CIETAC), Zdeněk Husták (BBH) or Michal Mejstřík (IES FSV UK)…


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