Kluwer Mediation Blog: How Mediation Helped Resolved Two Thousand Years Old Mystery…

Martin Svatos became regular contributor to the Kluwer Mediaiton Blog. This prestigious platform puts together the leading experts in the field of international mediation. Its goal is to publish on monthly basis opinions, articles and comments on actual development in the alternative dispute resolution. Here, you can read an extract of the first regular post


The Mediator-Judge Interaction: Does the Win-Win Approach Apply?

JurisNet, LLC, New York, is about to publish the new volume of the Czech (& Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration that includes an article by Dr. Martin Svatoš, Ph.D. entitled The Mediator-Judge Interaction: Does the Win-Win Approach Apply? Abstract of the contribution may be read here:   The Mediator-Judge Interaction: Does the Win-Win Approach Apply? This article focuses on the interaction between


Mandatory Mediation Strikes Back – an article at

The ADR web page has recently published an article by Dr. Svatos on mandatory mediation.   The question of mandatory mediation is an interesting issue per se. According to some, the fundamental principles are at stake once discussing the forced attendance of parties in mediation procedure. The Italian legislator is obviously of different opinion

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