Conflict-Free Business

An interactive seminar of effective conflict prevention in your business

Different sorts of disputes, critical situations, animadversions and inner conflicts are inseparable part all professionals’ life. This seminar individually shaped according to your preferences and needs will help you to tackle those situations.  You will not think the conflicts are threat, but merely a challenge…

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What you will learn in this interactive seminar (10 hrs):

  • 10 advices how to handle both internal and external disputes in your business
  • How to address the public critique and animadversions
  • How to behave in critical situations
  • How to deal with persons full of conflicts
  • How does the company-mediator work
  • How to establish an internal system of dispute prevention


Dr. Martin Svatoš, Ph.D. is a leading Czech mediator and arbitrator. He has been lecturing about dispute resolution at different universities all around the globe (Charles University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, University of French Antilly,…) and at numerous conferences. He is a regular contributor to the Kluwer Mediation Blog and to the Czech Radio Broadcast. He has been appointed a Secretary to the ICC Czech Republic Working Group for Mediation.

Who should attend this seminar:

  • Small and medium business’ representatives
  • Employees of large enterprises dealing with difficult PR agenda
  • Members of NGOs

Price: € 1200


Inner conflicts almost destroyed our company… Thanks to Dr. Svatos, we have learnt how to handle them and also how to answer the criticism … It is even difficult to thanks enough…!

Marek S., CEO of Limited liability company IT



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