INTRODUCTION TO MEDIATION_FotorIntroduction to Mediation

Introduction to mediation is an initial and complex training for the mediation beginners shaped to prepare the professionals to understand the way mediation works and prepare for the further education in dispute resolution arena.

Mediation is an effective and smooth way how to resolve conflicts that saves money and time…Discover its magic too!

Why to choose this course:

  • respected lecturer with international  experiences
  • an individual approach towards all participants
  • high number of practical and interactive exercises focussed on merit
  • high success rate of this course alumni

Format of the course:

40 hours

The course is shaped in order to fit the participants need and preferences. It might be organized as a seminar  for more participants (max 10) or as an individual training both face-to-face or online.

Under the condition of expanses coverage, it can be organized also in your town.

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Mediaiton antique svatosProgram of the Course

  1. Introduction to the ADR 
  2. Conflict Anatomy
  3. Basics of Negotiation
  4. Dispute Management
  5. Basics of mediation procedure
  6. Mediators’ Tool-box 
  7. Separate Meetings
  8. Difficult Situation 
  9. Legal Aspects of Mediation 


Who should attend this course: 

lawyers, attorneys-at-law, future mediators, students


Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course the participants:

  • will know how and why conflict emerges
  • will gain new communication skills
  • will understand how mediation works and when to use it
  • will be able to use the mediation skills
  • and much more…


thumb_IMG_8396_1024Martin is one of the leading Czech mediators and arbitrators. In addition to his rich dispute resolution experiences, he teaches at the Charles University in Prague and several other universities all around the globe. He acts as a legal expert of the Czech delegation to the UNCITRAL and as the President of the Working group of the ICC Czech Republic for Mediation. He is co-editor of the EU Mediation Handbook that will be published by Kluwer International in 2017. Martin has acted in several ad hoc and institutional arbitration both as an arbitrator and external legal counsel. He is listed by the VIAC and by the Arbitration court of the Football Association of the Czech Republic. He publishes and gives speeches at international conferences on regular basis (the UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres, the IBA Annual Conference, the German Arbitration Institute Annual Conference, the Conference of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (Dublin) and YIAG conferences (Istanbul, Warsaw)…



EUR 2900/course






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