Read the latest post by Dr. Martin Svatos at the Kluwer mediation Blog about the seminal book The Man who Planted Trees and its resemblance to mediation activity.

Recently, I have become an owner of two hectares of land in protected natural area which I intend to plant with trees. I was inspired to this by a wonderful book that I read some ten years ago. Though, it is neither about dispute resolution, nor about mediation, it contains pearls of wisdom which make this book definitely worth to read. The Man Who Planted Trees1) is an allegorical tale showing us that destruction and adversity can be defied by single-handed effort if persistent.

Its plot begins in the time short before the First World War. A narrator of the story is making a journey through the Provence region in Southeastern France. Climbing up mountains, he enters a treeless, desolate valley. The old and empty ruins are the only remaining evidence of former settlement. Step by step, the sad destiny of the valley is revealed. It was previously inhabited by the colony of charcoal burner who did not make it a pleasant neighbourhood (…).

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