The prestigious Kluwer Mediation Blog recently published a contribution of Dr. Martin Svatos, Ph.D. about Folke Bernadotte,  Count of Wisborg who had served as the first UN Mediator during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and who was assassinated when performing his duties.

The unbelievable story of his life includes negotiation during the Second World War as well as saving of Jewish refugees from the Nazi concentration camps.

The excerpt of the contribution:

When the Mediators Pay the Highest Price

Recent development in the Near East reminds how long and disastrous the Arabic-Israeli conflict is. Unfortunately, it has already claimed thousands of victims and every one of these tragedies could narrate a specific and sad story. One among them is especially important to be commemorated since it recounts a life and work of the first UN mediator who had saved thousands of prisoners in the Second World War and who was later killed carrying out his duties.


 The whole article can be read here.