The Kluwer Mediation Blog published a post written by Dr. Martin Svatos. The article intituled “Greetings from Prague – World Forum of Mediation Centres” concerns the international event held in Prague in June 2013 – the Forum of Mediation Centres organised by the Union International des Avocats.


Kluwer Blog MediationUIA World Forum of Mediation Centres took part in Prague from Friday June 7 to Saturday June 8 20013. What are the newest developments mentioned during the symposium?
The beginning of the June 2013 was affected by heavily floods that stroke in all the Czech Republic and that threatened the Czech capital Prague. By coincidence, one of the largest meetings of mediators from all the parts of world organized by the Union Internationale des Avocats took part in Prague, so the coming participants were able to observe the rising water level of Prague’s river Vltava, as well as the beautiful city islands disappearing under water.

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