Commentary on Czech Mediation Law

The Wolters Kluwer Czech Republic published a Commentary on Czech Mediation Law by Dr Tomáš Horáček, Ph.D., Dr Martin Svatoš, PhD and Dr Miloš Olík, PhD. The authors of the publication are regarded as well recognised experts in the ADR field and the book received numerous appraisals. The 352 pages long publication deals not only with


Recently Published: The EU Mediation Law Handbook

The publishing house Wolters Kluwer recently published the EU Mediation Law Handbook coedited by Martin Svatos, PhD. (together with prof. Nadja Alexander and Sabine Walsh). This unique book offers a highly effective way to analyse the quality and robustness of each of the EU’s twenty-nine national jurisdictions’ legal frameworks relevant to mediation (including legislation, case

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